Placing God in Your Hands

One of the great privileges of serving as a priest is being with people in vulnerable, grace filled moments. Moments such as when the faithful kneel at the altar rail and extend their hands. It is, perhaps, my favorite moment of the mass: the moment when the Body and Blood of Christ is offered to […]

Wanderlust and The Moods of Future Joys

*This reflection first appeared in the September issue of St. Paul’s Good News newsletter. Lately I’ve been suffering from a bout of wanderlust. I’m not sure whether you’ve ever experienced this sensation before, but it’s a great word that accurately describes an irresistible desire to break free of routine, and go explore. Perhaps it’s the […]

Eugene: A Pilgrimage to a Running Mecca

To make a long story short, I did not run a Boston qualifying time at the 2017 Eugene Marathon. I finished in 3:20:12. But this post is not just about a finishing time. It is about the process, the journey, and a pilgrimage to a running Mecca. For those not familiar with my story, I have […]

Lessons on the Road to Emmaus: A Sermon for the Third Sunday of Easter

“What a radical message. In a time when we are told it is best to tend to our own and not trust those who are different from us, what a remarkable thing to invite the stranger to stay. The word here for “stranger” is the very same word used for sojourner, alien, or dare we say “immigrant.”

In a time when safety and security trump the biblical mandate to care for the orphan and the widow, the stranger and sojourner in our land, what a subversive act to break bread with one who has been told “You don’t belong here. Go back from where you came.”

Make no mistake: Jesus, in this resurrection story, is a stranger. The undocumented, the unnoticed. Resurrection is realized in the midst of such radical hospitality. “