Please God, not another blog

Mia culpa. Yes, another blog.


I have resisted blogging for some time now, mainly because I’m never fully satisfied with how my sermons turn out. Years ago I contributed to a blog called PoMonks, but other than a family blog for pictures of puppies and kiddos, I’ve mostly stuck to Facebook and Twitter. Also, my sermons are typically crafted to be preached, not read. The experience of hearing the sermon in the context of the gathered community, in the context of the liturgy, is very different from just reading it on the web. Some Sundays I don’t hear boo about my sermons. Some Sundays I have people ask me for a copy. So, I will always add the disclaimer *this was crafted as a sermon to be preached, not an essay to be published.

Some time ago I asked one of my good friends and colleague, The Rev’d Christopher Caddell, why he posted all of his sermons. Not that he’s not a good preacher – he is.

“There are just some sermons I’d rather forget,” I told him.
“Yes, well it keeps you humble,” he replied.

I truly appreciate people who are willing to put themselves and their thoughts out there. It’s a risk. It’s vulnerable. My sermons and reflections often come about like pulling teeth. There’s a lot of angst, prayer, and wrestling involved. And no, I’m not always completely satisfied with the result. However, I am happy to share these reflections as works-in-progress. I don’t believe myself or my theology (or God, for that matter) to be static. I believe these things are ever evolving, ever changing, growing, in the act of becoming.

Sometimes, most of the time, I will post my sermons. At other times I may simply post reflections on my work as a husband, father, priest, and/or runner. Anyone who knows me knows that I spend a good deal of my time on the road, literally, running. I won’t be able to help but write about the role of running in my life and spirituality. Hence the name, Rev-Run.

If there’s something of encouragement for you here, my expectations will have been exceeded. If there is something frustrating, infuriating, or incomplete – hey, it’s just another weblog. Go read something you’ll enjoy!





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